Class Descriptions:

  • H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) - A fast paced class that utilizes timed sets! A full body workout combining resistance training and metabolic conditioning.
  • Bootcamp - Anything goes! This moderate to high intensity level class will incorporate every workout protocol and equipment!
  • Kettlebell Core Power - This fun class will combine kettlebells, bodyweight and core conditioning for a full body blast!
  • Density Training - This quick, but intense workout includes AMRAPS (as many rounds/reps as possible), EMOMs (every minute on the minute), and interval training. This class will challenge you to complete the given exercises in a timed fashion! Each session will make you work harder than the previous class and build your fitness level to new heights!

Class Rates:

Fitness Class Membership: $39 per month for unlimited fitness classes (excludes specialty programs)

$220 for 6 months

$420 for 12 months

Punch card: (5 classes)   $30

Fitness Class Drop in: $8

Yoga Class (Drop in only): $10


Personal training Rates

  • 1 training session $50
  • 5 training sessions $225 ($45 per session, 10% savings) Expires after 60 days
  • 10 training sessions $400 ($40 per session, 20% savings) Expires after 90 days

*All sales are final