Andrew Wight - BS, FMS

Andy W. graduated with a Sports Medicine Degree with a concentration in Exercise Science from Merrimack College. As a former collegiate athlete, Andy has experience performance training as an athlete and as a strength and conditioning intern with Division 1 and 2 collegiate athletes along with working with professional athletes in many different sports. He has also worked in physical therapy assisting with pre-op and post-op rehabilitation. Andy currently works with the Rosevelt Soccer Club as their performance coach. He has been training and coaching clients for over 7 years form one-on-one training, small groups, athletic performance and corrective exercise/rehabilitation. Aside from training, Andy also coaches girls soccer, in which he has won state titles with both his Rosevelt Soccer Club team and GYSA team.

"A strong body is a happy body" Bret Contreras

Andrew Kinslow - BS, CPR/first aid/emergency response

Andy K. graduated with bachelor degree in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in sports medicine from the University of Southern Maine. Andy specializes in resistance strength training, core development, and peak conditioning. He worked thoroughly with the USM Baseball team, Deering High School baseball team and other athletic programs at Deering High School as their strength and conditioning coach. Andy has been personal training clients for over 9 years focusing on individual and small group training, bootcamp style fitness classes, and athletic performance training.

"Strength has a greater Purpose." Pavel Tsatsouline